Tad – 8 Way Santa

  • Label: Sub Pop ‎– SP89
  • Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
  • Country: USA
  • Released: 1991

This Seattle powerhouse’s album cover was banned because the couple on the front cover sued Sub Pop for using their image without permission. Apparently the band bought the Polaroid in a garage sale.

Design by Jane Higgins and back-cover photography by grunge-photo maestro Charles Peterson.

Tad Doyle is currently working with Lumbar, which consists of Mike Scheidt (YOB) and Aaron Edge (Rote Hexe). The album will be released in late November via Southern Lord.


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New York Dolls – New York Dolls

  • Label: Mercury ‎– SRM-1-675
  • Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
  • Country: USA
  • Released: 1973
Here’s what guitarist Sylvain Sylvain has to say about the cover:
“That first album cover was because of me. Mercury had taken us to an antique shop, and we were supposed to (pose) without our makeup, like we were dolls among the antiques. We looked like we do on the back of the cover. It was okay, but it had nothing compared to what the Dolls really were. I called up all my friends in the rag business and said, “Hey, I got $900 and I need a dynamite shot.” These friends suggested (photographer) Toshi, who was doing Vogue covers. He got the crew and this guy named Shin for the hair and another guy for the makeup [credited on the record as Dave O’Grady]. That couch we were sitting on, we found that on the street and brought it up. We put the white fabric on it — I remember tacking it on. It was really a trashed couch, with a white satin cover.”
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Failure – Fantastic Planet

  • Label: Slash ‎– 46269-1, Warner Bros. Records‎– 46269-1
  • Format: 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Remastered
  • Country: USA
  • Released: 2010
Originally released in 1996, this is the only version available on vinyl. Only a few days ago, members of Failure Kellii Scott, Greg Edwards and Ken Andrews revealed they’re working in the studio on new songs for 2014, as well as planning a tour. This band ended in 1997 when they released this perfect album, and I can’t wait to see what they have planned.
On Record Store Day, their second album, Magnified, will be released on vinyl LP for the first time.
Layout – Priscila Klein. Painting – Michael Uhlenkott Photography By – Syd Kato.
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The Julie Ruin – Run Fast

  • Label: The Julie Ruin ‎– TJR101
  • Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
  • Country: USA
  • Released: 2013

Photography by Cat O’Neil. LP Label photo by Becca Albee (of Excuse 17). The layout was done by Jason Farrell (of Dischord Records) and Kathleen Hanna, while the cover art was done by Allyson Mitchell (Mariko).

This is the first record Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill/Le Tigre did since Le Tigre’s This Island in 2004. A special treat is that Kathi Wilcox, also of Bikini Kill, is back with Hanna in this new band.

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Zola Jesus – Versions

  • Label: Sacred Bones Records ‎– SBR-102
  • Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Numbered, Concrete-coated wrap-around sleeve with wax seal + DVD, Limited Edition, Promo
  • Country: USA
  • Released: 2013
Photography by Angel Ceballos. Design by Sacred Bones Design.
The beautiful Zola Jesus record presents songs from her previous LPs in a string arrangement by JG Thirwell. It includes a DVD of the live performance they did at the Guggenheim.
IMG_8621 IMG_8634 IMG_8622 IMG_8633 IMG_8624 IMG_8626 IMG_8627 IMG_8630 IMG_8631 IMG_8632

Sunn o))) – Black One

  • Label: Southern Lord – SUNN50
  • Format: 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Repress, Picture Disc, Limited Edition
  • Country: USA
  • Released: 2006
Art direction by Stephen O’Malley. Photography by Jenn Garrett. Illustrations by Jo Ratcliffe.
The gatefold was signed by the admirable O’Malley during his Gravetemple tour in Israel in 2006. It took him about a couple of minutes to do it.
Black One will be re-released on November 1st on four different colors, while pre-orders started this morning – October 17th. You can get a copy HERE.
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Daughters – Hell Songs

  • Label: Hydra Head Records – HH666-111
  • Format: Vinyl, LP, Plum
  • Country: USA
  • Released: 2006

The cover, “Woman with Horse”, was painted by Steven Vallot (AKA Winter Line). Art direction by Daughters vocalist, A.S.F. Marshall. Construction by Aaron Turner.

This talented group recently reformed for a few shows in the USA and a tour of Australia.

IMG_8605 IMG_8606 IMG_8607 IMG_8608 IMG_8609 IMG_8610 IMG_8611

The Locust – Flight of the Wounded Locust

  • Label: Erika Records Inc. ‎– ER-004
  • Format: 4 × Vinyl, 7″, Shape, Limited Edition, Compilation, Orange/Green/Dark Green/Grey
  • Country: USA
  • Released: 2003

A great way to start this online visual collection. An amazing band with a playfully designed reissue. Designed by Sonny Kay, who at the time was still head of Gold Standard Laboratories.

IMG_8588 IMG_8589 IMG_8590 IMG_8593 IMG_8595 IMG_8596 IMG_8597 IMG_8598 IMG_8599